19 April 17 - Party Bags now available when you are booking your hire

New Product avalible:

Lets Party Big Bizzi Bag

The contents are educational and packed full of exciting paper and card coloring activities. They are suitable for children aged 3 upwards, are bright and fun

Party bag gifts contain: A Coloring Book, A Pack of crayons, Stickers, Puzzles, Party Mask,

Our Party Bag are all eco friendly and fun; they make life far easier for the party planner! We know parents will love the fact that the contents are all safe but educational at the same time. With all our party bags being 100% recyclable children are able to draw on the bag itself adding each child’s name onto the reverse sides of all the party bags. Each bag contains over 8 activities giving them hours of play.

Party Bags are £2.00 Each and you can add them when making your Booking.

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